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Isobel McBeath’s paintings are recognized by her ‘Belmac’ signature. She has been an Artist Member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts since 1987. Having travelled extensively, her work covers a large genre of subject matter. As well as both oil and watercolour mediums, Isobel has devoted considerable time to the creation of ceramic sculpture. Much of this work contains inclusions of semi-precious crystals.

“Isobel has been an Elected Artist Member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts since 1985. For the last thirty years she has spent much of her time painting and studying in Europe and often returns to a favourite island where her study of light and colour has been an ongoing challenge. This is perhaps the quality that distinguishes her paintings and makes them sought after by collectors. One New Zealand collector owns twenty three of her works. In 1987, after purchasing two of her works at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, the late Sir Arthur Williams commissioned ten paintings to be painted in Spain. In 2008 a European collector purchased eight of her works. Many others have more than one of her paintings in their collection.

Her work has been exhibited at the New Zealand High Commission in England, The Royal Exchange, London, the Royal Pantilles Gallery, and the Park Walk Gallery, London and in many galleries and exhibitions throughout New Zealand.

Her paintings have a quality that captures a moments in time – a special light effect, and frequently the inclusion of people going about their daily chores. She knows her subjects well and even while away from New Zealand, she makes a point of becoming familiar with the subject before attempting to portray the final image in either oil or watercolour.

Her creations, both painting and sculpture, are the result of many years of dedication and the need to create beauty that can be enjoyed by those to whom the artist owes so much – the viewer, for as Isobel says, without this necessary ingredient the artist has naught to measure by.

Although painting is a major part of her life, sculpture and glass painting also play an important role. The sculptures have featured in four Going Solo Exhibitions at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts. In 1992 a group of her life sized bronzes was installed in Mahara Place,Waikanae.”

Peter Reynolds, Art Dealer


The watercolours are painted on the finest D’Arches or Fabriano watercolour paper. Only the best quality watercolour pigments are used. As Isobel has travelled extensively, the paintings cover a wide range of subject matter.

The finished paintings are mounted with acid free mounts and backing boards and framed. The smaller sizes are frequently plein air studies but the larger are mainly studio paintings.

Most watercolours are imperial (22x15in.) but some are smaller.

Commissions are considered.

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Isobel has travelled extensively over the past thirty years, both to study and to paint. Time spent at the Berdun Art School in the Arragon Valley, Spain with English artists, John Boucher and Peter Lely, in Belgium with English painter Edward Maddon and with John Pierce in Yugoslavia has also resulted in a very wide range of painting material being available to her.
Her canvases are painted on good quality, primed canvas or in some cases, where gold leaf or a certain atmospheric effect is desired, on board which she primes, gessos and prepares herself.
Only the best artist quality paints are used.
The paintings can be framed in either ornate or more classic frames. This can be the purchaser’s choice.

Commissions are considered


As well as painting, Isobel has a love of sculpture. Most of her sculpture exhibitions have been held at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts or with Peter Reynolds’s Gallery. These Going Solo Exhibitions have been very successful and allowed her to produce a range of very different sculptures.

Mainly high fired stoneware, many pieces have inclusions of crystals while others are treated with gold leaf as well as having crystals encased. The finishes on the sculptures vary. Most sculptures have special effects applied after the stoneware is fired.

The masks are mainly designed to be hung and are approximately 35cm in length. The faces are just slightly under life size.

Other sculptures fall into many categories as can be seen in the images shown. Some are a ‘series’ of sculptures but each piece within the series is unique.
Limited edition bronzes or individual pieces are also available.

Commissions are considered

Available Works for Sale

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