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Narina & Matthew

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Narina McBeath

Narina McBeath’s beautiful glass work is vibrant and glowing with colour. This factor alone gives her work a definite originality.

She paints a large variety of subject matter on many different shapes and forms including vases, glasses, bowls, etc.

A natural gift that she has for balance and colour creates interesting images that take on a vibrant life of their own.

The use of pure gold leaf enhances some of her work, giving it a richness not often seen on glass.

Matthew Whittaker

Mathew has always has a natural affinity for wood and being a fisherman he also has an inherent love of all things nautical.

The bollards that he creates from hardwood, (some crafted from wood 200 years old) show a real gift that is only seen in those who have this inspiration to create something of beauty from recycled materials.

The wood in both the bollards and the tables is kept as near to its original beauty as possible.

As Mathew sources his wood himself, these creations tell their own story. Being originally used on the old Wellington wharf or equally interesting origins most of the wood has a history.

The addition of hand forged iron rings, bronze nautical inlays or copper tops on the bollards and forged iron legs, heavy iron chain and bronze inlays on the tables adds a beautiful dimension to both these creations. His work is finished to the highest quality.