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Sculpture Garden

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The garden at Wits End has been designed to display sculpture. It is not a large garden as gardens go, being just over half an acre. A stream meanders through the entire length of the property with springs bubbling up in various places, creating both large and small ponds. The garden has been a little like Topsy and has grown in a rather spasmodic way over the years. It could be called a romantic garden as there are no grand flower beds or manicured lawns here, but there are big trees, lots of tree ferns and paths to wend ones way to the various areas.
The garden needed to retain a natural look, so the emphasis has been to provide areas to display sculpture in a way that gives each creation its own space within its natural setting.

Visitors are welcome to wander through the garden. Being an artist, Isobel is frequently out and about gathering material, so it is necessary to make an appointment by ringing: 04 905 5452. The garden is open from November 1st to April 30th.